Detroit Wrongful Death Attorneys

For most people in Detroit, driving is an unavoidable daily activity, but unfortunately, many accidents occur every day due to distracted drivers, negligent manufacturers, road defects, and more. When you have lost a loved one in a car accident caused by the negligence of someone else, the pain may be immense and incomprehensible. Our Detroit wrongful death attorneys understand that nothing can compensate for the loss of your loved one, but it is possible to pursue financial restitution from the party responsible so that you do not have to face any financial burdens during this difficult time.

At Ravid & Associates, P.C., our Detroit legal team is dedicated to representing the families of car accident victims, and we offer aggressive representation against any party responsible for a wrongful death. Although it is likely the last thing on your mind, the cost of medical and funerary expenses are high, and financial compensation can go a long way toward relieving any financial burden.

Costs of a Wrongful Death

If a loved one passes away as a result of a car accident, you could face financial losses as well as personal loss. Some of the more common costs of a wrongful death in Detroit can include:

  • Emergency transport / medical costs
  • Vehicle repairs / replacements
  • Notifications to family members
  • Funeral / burial / cremation costs
  • Emotional trauma / therapy costs

These expenses can quickly add up, contributing to additional stress during this already difficult time. A wrongful death attorney in Detroit can discuss your legal options with you and may represent you in the pursuit of financial compensation from those responsible.

Contact a Wrongful Death Attorney in Detroit

If your loved one has been unjustly taken from you in a car accident in Detroit, the person or party responsible for that accident may be held financially accountable. The Detroit legal team at Ravid & Associates, P.C., has the experience and resources needed to fight on your behalf for the funds you need to recover. Speak with one of our wrongful death attorneys today by calling our Detroit offices at (248) 948-9696, and discuss your legal options for recourse.