Physician Behaviors that Influence Misdiagnosis

A medical misdiagnosis can result in terrible and long-lasting consequences for the patient involved. Unfortunately, many Detroit patients might experience a medical misdiagnosis at some point in their lives. The Detroit attorneys of Ravid & Associates, P.C., know that there are some practices among physicians that could make misdiagnosis more likely. Our legal team stands ready to defend medical malpractice victims and possibly win them financial compensation for their suffering.

Behaviors that Could Lead to Misdiagnosis

There are a number of actions that you may notice in your practitioner that may influence a hasty or misdiagnosis. These include:

  • Interruptions that lead to a quick diagnosis. Your doctor should let you tell your story without interrupting you.
  • Not allowing you to be involved. Being involved, like understanding your test results, asking questions, etc., is important as a patient and can help you better understand your own condition.
  • Not answering your questions. Everyone has questions, and you should always feel encouraged to ask them.
  • Telling you not to get a second opinion. Especially if you’re feeling unsure, you should always get a second professional opinion.

As a patient, it is important to trust your physician and be sure that you are receiving an informed, thorough diagnosis of your condition. If you feel uncomfortable or uncertain at any point at an appointment with a doctor, consider seeking the help of someone else rather than risk a misdiagnosis.

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