Day Care Injuries

Working parents often put their young children in a day care or preschool that they can trust. Day cares are responsible for the well-being and safety of the children under their care. Unfortunately, children are sometimes injured while at day care – especially on the playground. This can occur as a result of a day care staff member’s negligence. When a day care fails to fulfill its duties to the children in its care, serious injury can result and lead to expensive medical bills, health complications, and more.

Signs of Daycare Negligence

Day cares have important responsibilities to fulfill for the sake of the children under their care. Some signs of negligence or misconduct at a daycare facility include the following:

  • Inadequate child to adult ratio
  • Improper safety standards
  • Untrained caregivers
  • Dangerous facilities or playgrounds
  • No access to food or water

State laws outline a day care facility’s legal obligations. These regulations are in place to protect children and give parents peace of mind. There should also be guidelines that a day care sets in order to prevent any act of abuse from ever occurring.

Contact a Detroit Child Injuries Lawyer

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